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Just a quick note gang.

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Cover Letter For Resume

Here’s where we’ll dive into Cover Letter ninjitsu… all the concise insights and practices for the other half of your resume package. Bookmark and/or RSS.


Joshua L. Morrison


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Some of you may have come from my resume co-site: howtomakearesumegreat.tumblr.com …while others are entirely new. Either way welcome to the Resume Objectives. 🙂

What you’ll find here will differ from what’s on the Tumblr above.

I created Resume Objectives to handle and discuss resume writing and resume formatting strategies in more focus…

…while How to Make a Resume Great will now be geared towards the more unorthodox, non-writing aspects to get your resume noticed. (Looking forward to a lot of this stuff.)

Please bookmark (and RSS feed) them both.

Successful resume writing is a powerful skill. I can think of very few other areas where you have such direct control over gaining immediate, graspable benefits with your career.

When you submit a resume package it stands as the primary (and often times, only) connection to getting interviewed and closing in on the target job. What goes into that package either sinks or swims.

To be successful… to swim… you must learn how to market yourself well and stand out from the competition… this is what I want to guide you through.

On a sidenote… I just want to point out that the brick wall up there looks a whole lot better than the first version I made. I still like the first version… it just reminds me a bit of spoiled cheese. HAHA

Anyway stay tuned and we’ll get your resume head and shoulders above the competition in no time. 🙂

‘Til Then,

Joshua L. Morrison

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